Lido Community Shares!

The Lido Community Shares Offer

South Cowal Community Enterprises (SCCE) will be running its Community Share Offer for The Lido from the 26th January to the 9th March 2019. We are aiming to raise at least in £60,000 in Shares. We have already been awarded £256,680 from the Scottish Land Fund towards our total funding target £316,680. We are asking people to pledge to buy Shares at the moment and we will then be back in touch at the end of the pledge campaign. One Share costs £10 and you can buy up to 600. Read our Brochure for full information.

The Lido Community Share Brochure – please read!

Downloadable Lido Community Share application form (Word)

Online Community Share application form

The Lido Business Plan

The Lido Feasibility study

If you don’t want to buy Shares want to support us by becoming a Member, fill in our Member Form

These are our latest Lido FAQs from early January

Our Scottish Land Fund, if successful will pay for much of the cost of purchasing the building. Income raised through Community Shares will: match-fund the Scottish Land Fund, buy stock and provide us with sufficient working capital.

We will continue to run the shop and the Post Office on a fully-staffed model and will open a bunkhouse upstairs in 2020.

We have put the documents you will need to make a decision about buying Shares on this web site, but if you have any questions, email:

We believe that when we work together, everyone benefits, but we need your help! If you want to become one of our volunteers, then email us at the above address